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Innhouse Realty Management are a property management firm. You can find the most cost effective and comprehensive full service management solutions in the industry right here.

Innhouse Realty Management have established a much higher standard for this industry, by incorporating new innovative processes and better systems that are all managed by top professionals and the well-trained staff of our experienced high level accountants, maintenance technicians, and managers.

Comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Program – We spend literally thousands of dollars each and every month to advertise our vacancies. We’ve been involved in negotiating exclusive contracts with some major advertising providers, always working to ensure our clients get top placement and frequency. That’s why we take in hundreds of call every day from prospective tenants. It is also the reason our properties lease out so much faster than our competition.

Innhouse Realty Management always perform very rigorous Income, Criminal background, and credit screening. We spares no expense ad leaves no rocks unturned in our efforts to locate tenants who will pay on time and take care of your property. All applicants are required to verify their income so we can be sure they can pay the rent. We run criminal and credit background checks as well on anybody over the age of 18 who will be living in the home. We always follow closely with the regulations on real estate, so you can be sure that you’re always in full compliance.
Routine Inspections
Innhouse Realty Management always see to it that the properties that we handle are examined by us every day. Doing this job every day gives helps us check if the tenants are taking good care of the properties and does not disrespect it. Also, the people who inspects the property are authorized and professionals. After inspecting the properties, we always report what we have found out to the landlords since they own the properties. Everything that needs concerns and actions are always noted by us and delivers it to the landlords for awareness..
Online Financial Reporting & Accounting
Innhouse Realty Management uses a web-based system for operating its property management. We give the property owners who have online access a view of their financial statements. These statements reflect when monies are collected as well as when they are disbursed. We provide them with numerous reports. That includes property report, work order report, financial statements, and payment report. Our system delivers access to whatever information you need, directly to you, whenever you need it.
Maintenance Coordination
Innhouse Realty Management always maintains the property. We have talented maintenance staff who know how to fix any equipment that can be found in the property. Whether the door is about to break or the faucet is not functioning, we can always repair it for you. We will maintain your properties and will avoid your properties from getting damages or repairs all the time. In addition, we do not only take care of your property but we also look after your tenants. We provide all the necessities that they need inside the property. Furthermore, if a landlord is having a hard time collecting all the rental fees from their tenants, leave this job to us. We make sure that we always collect the fess on time and will deposit the collected monies to the landlords’ accounts. We always see to it that after that we have collected the rents, we always send it to the landlords’ right way without wasting any time to avoid them from losing their trust on us.
Rent Collections
We have collection processes that are professional but at the same time tough. We collect rent diligently and in a timely fashion. We are good at setting the expectation early to keep the tenants on their toes and aware that rent must be on time. Additionally, as these rent payment roll in, those funds are disbursed very quickly, straight to you, via a standard check or electronic deposit.
Tenant Screening
Innhouse Realty Management is your property management companies that helps the landlords find the suitable tenants. We conduct background checks on every tenant that applies for the vacant properties. We check their profits, credit and even their criminal records. We want to provide the tenants who will never cause any problem to both the company and landlords. We see to it that the tenants that we accept have good moral character and will never run away from payments of the rentals. We would want our tenants have convenience when they work with us. Innhouse Realty Management screens the applicants thoroughly. We make sure that the applicants that we accept are capable of paying the rents and other fees without faltering. Also, we check all the individuals who are in the legal age who would live in the property for assurance. Innhouse Realty Management always work within the protocols of real estate which gives the landlords the guarantee that they are looking in a property management company.

Innhouse Realty Management is well experienced in this industry wherein you have assurance that you will get the best service you need. We will ensure to you that you will beneficial from all of our services and make your business become profitable and highly competitive in your area. With our impressive service, there is no need for you to worry about managing your property because we are always here for you.

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