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Innhouse Realty Management is one of the highly reputable property management companies who have the capability to provide impressive services that delivers best results that you will enjoy. Our main role here is to provide you property management and help your property become highly profitable business while provide your client with seamless experience during their stay in your property. We are the responsible when it comes to the maintenance, housekeeping, guest services, reservation, rate optimization, marketing and everything you want.

Even though you will find the service upfront cost a bit expensive, you can save your cost in managing it by your own, property management services we offer will give you assurance that you will receive great commitment in growing your business. Through our remarkable and impressive services, we can guarantee to you that you will get more money every month with less stress and have booking reservation as much as possible.

We will take care about everything and we will give you assurance that we will provide great service in behalf of the property owners. Some of the excellent services we can provide you are our property management services from our company and we will do the following for you:

Evaluation Rental

We will evaluate your own property and help you determine the real and accurate rate for rental. In this kind of task, we will perform the detailed documentation about the exterior and interior design of your property and take photos of it. Then we will recommend the best cosmetic and repairs needed to provide better improvement and help your property maximize the monthly payment and provide you the good ROI that you are looking for. Thus, we will help you gather the important rental rates in your area and learn the best rate you can use for your property to ensure you are highly competitive to the tight competition. Once we already determine the needed things you like to have we will help you set the policies for your property and install the lock box.


 We will help you market your property that is for rental. In addition, we can create the best ads specifically tailored for your property and, at the same time, use the right medium for advertising. Some of these mediums include online advertising and company websites. Innhouse Realty Management can also work with different leasing agent in order for you to find the best tenant. There is no need for you to worry about the viewing and questions of your client because we are the one who will meet them and answer all their questions with great satisfaction.

Tenant Screening

 We help for the selection and screening of tenants. Innhouse Realty Management is also responsible in performing some background check and other needed information from the tenant. We will get the complete information such as rental history, credit history, income and their identity to ensure lanlord will get the good tenant for your property.

Move In Process

 We help tenants when moving in. Once you think they are qualified to your property, we will help them to move in. Innhouse Realty Management will draw the leasing agreement and will confirm what is the exact date they can move in. Thus, we will conduct full review about the guidelines of rental, ensure to you that your property rental agreements have been properly executed, and perform the regular inspection to ensure the good condition of your property.

Rent Collection

 We will help you for the rent collection. Our company will ensure to you that you we will receive the rent payment, hunt those late payer, identify the renter who pays for the rental fees and we will help you collect the monthly payment and deposit it in your account safely.

Eviction Process

 We will help you determine who are in need of evictions. Being the property management of your property, we will help you file for the needed paper work to complete and initiate for the unlawful action for your detainer and we are the one who will represent you in the court. We have the ability to coordinate with the law enforcement and ensure to you that you can evict those tenants who never pay for your unit.

Maintenance & Repair

 We will help you about the remodeling, repairs and maintenance of your property. With the helpful service of our company, we will provide you establish policy for the maintenance and determine the repair needs of your property. Through our service, you can ensure that your rental space will maintain its good value and good looks that will attract lot of tenants.

Move Out Inspection

 Help your tenants to move out. Before, your tenants decide that they will move out of your property, we will help you create a report about the condition of your property and send you copy of estimated damages. Likewise, we will help you make it clean and upgrade if needed to prepare it for the nest renter.

Innhouse Realty Management is well experienced in this industry wherein you have assurance that you will get the best service you need. We will ensure to you that you will beneficial from all of our services and make your business become profitable and highly competitive in your area. With our impressive service, there is no need for you to worry about managing your property because we are always here for you.

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We truly and sincerely appreciate you being able to obtain a tenant for our home within a reasonable period of time! Your communication has been excellent, and your advice and assistance invaluable. Thank you so much!
- Alex & June

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